NHS Waiting Times for Counselling

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NHS Waiting Times for Counselling
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A recent report from the We Need to Talk coalition shows that half of the people waiting for counselling & psychotherapy on the NHS are having to wait for more than three months before their first session.

Even worse, one in ten of these people are waiting for a year or longer before their first session.

The coalition of mental health organisations: ‘We Need to Talk’ is campaigning for faster access to NHS Talking Treatments. You can read their findings in this PDF of their survey here.

With concerning information like this, it can be helpful to know that many private counsellors like Dean Richardson offer affordable private counselling to those on a limited income.

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It won’t cost you anything to make contact today to ask about counselling… and until 31st January 2014 the first counselling session with Dean Richardson will be free of charge.

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