Counselling/Website Privacy Policy

How your information is protected when you use the website or counselling services

Counselling/Website Privacy Policy

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Information I collect.

I collect information about you when you ask for an assessment to begin counselling. This information collected face-to-face and is not collected through this website.

Other information that you may be asked to give is, for example, when you use the Contact Me facility of this website, where you will be invited to give a name that I can use to refer to you, an email address or telephone number so that I can return your enquiry, and your message to me.

What I do with your information.

I keep your personal information on paper, not on computer.

Should I include you in any statistics (eg “number of people applying for therapy during a particular period”) your identity will be kept entirely anonymous and you will not be identified.

I do not use your information in any “mailshot” form of software, and I will not use your contact information to advertise my services. Nor will I pass on your information to anyone else. I do not use your information for marketing nor advertising.

How I may contact you (email, telephone, writing).

I do not send unsolicited emails. I will only contact you whilst you are in therapy with me – for example to notify you of a change or cancellation of appointment. I may use your email address, telephone number or home address (by writing) as appropriate. After you have finished counselling with me I will not contact you again unless I have a very good reason to do so, or you have invited me to do so for a particular purpose (such as resuming counselling).

You may request that I specifically do not contact you.

How I protect your information.

I use a variety of methods to protect your information online. This includes the use of secure socket layers (SSL) which is a technology that encrypts your data as it is transmitted to our server. Also, I may use digital methods of encoding your information to protect your privacy – such encoding your information so that it cannot be identified.

Your personal details that are kept on paper will be shredded after 7 years of ending therapy with me. The length of time is in case I am required to refer to our casework (eg by law).

How I use cookies.

My website will store a cookie into your browser in order to enhance your personal experience of the web site. This also allows me to monitor my marketing and advertising efforts. The tracking cookie cannot be used to identify you directly.

If you choose, you can disable the use of cookies by instructing your web browser to reject them (refer to your browser’s documentation).  As a warning, through, my website may not be able to operate fully if you do this.

Website visitor tracking.

Since 26th May, 2012, websites must inform their visitors what kind of cookies are stored in their browsers.

I use Piwik to generate anonymous website statistics – this helps me learn if the information I offer on my website is being read, and helps me recognise if I need to modify any information so that it is current and helpful.

To do this, Piwik stores information in your web browser that does not identify you personally.  However, if you wish to opt out of Piwik anonymous tracking, you can use this form: 

Third party contact.

I do not make your information available to any third party with two exceptions:-
  1. (With your permission) I will refer to you during my supervision consultation using only your first name.
  2. (Without your permission) If the law requires that I break confidentiality – such as if you were intending to harm someone or yourself, or commit an act that would break the law. I will endeavour to speak to you before I take this action.

I will discuss these cases with you when you come for an assessment for counselling.

Children’s online privacy.

My web site and counselling services are only available to those 18 years and over.

Children may read through my web site, but may not use my service.

Should any person under the age of 18 apply use my service (i.e., by giving false information about their date of birth) requests for use of my service will be declined – though I may, at my discretion and discussion with appropriate supervision, choose to refer any contacts to the appropriate support services.

Your consent.

By using my web site you consent to my privacy policy. This policy was last amended on 2nd January, 2011.

Contacting me.

You may contact me by using my Contact Me page.
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