England & Wales celebrate Equal-Marriage

England celebrates Equal-Marriage
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Congratulations to our fellow gay and lesbian couples who, from 29th March, 2014, are legally able to wed in England and Wales.

iCounsellor.co.uk has been supporting gay, lesbian, trans*, bisexual and mixed-orientation relationships since the beginning of this counselling service.

Equal-Marriage Counselling Portsmouth

Dean Richardson MBACP(Accred), of Portsmouth, specialises in couple counselling for LGBT Couples.

So, it’s good to know that in the (hopefully unlikely) event that things start to go a bit wrong in the relationship, Dean is here to assist LGBT Couples achieve what they need: either transforming the relationship’s problems, or helping the couple to bring their relationship to an end in the best way for them.

Read more about couple counselling…… as they say: it’s not gay marriage, it’s just marriage – and equal marriages can have have as many relationship problems as anyone else’s marriage.

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